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Loan, mortgage, credit cards, investment and insurance


Financial consulting: bank loans, mortgage, credit cards, investment and insurance in Hungary

IHM.hu is representing a financial consulting firm with a full range of services. Our consultants have many years of experience in financial services, such as housing and company loans and mortgages, capital investments and insurance.

Loans and mortgage consulting

The credit market in Hungary is changing, due the recent credit crunch. There are less and less people who have good credit and can apply for loans at reasonable rates. The majority of loan applications are from people with bad loans and bad credit. IHM.hu is dedicated to serve both of these groups of loan applicants.

Our loan brokerage service is available to everybody who would like to apply for a bank loan in Hungary. If you are studying in Budapest (or anywhere in Hungary) and looking for a student loan, or if you would like to buy a house or an appartment financed partially via a home mortgage loan, please do not hesitate to apply via IHM.hu.

Free car, student and home loan consultation application!

Home mortgage, car loans, credit cards? Call us!

We provide full range of financial consulting and loan application help for absolutely free. We will not just choose the cheapest mortgage for you through some loan calculator, but we will also guide you through the whole application process, including every paperwork that needs to be done. You can not only get the cheapest rates available, but you can actually get the whole thing done, without going through painful banking procedures, standing in queues and such.

IHM.hu loan consultation services:
- Credit cards

- Home mortgage loans

- Car loans

- Credit calculation

- Real estate evaluation

- Free quotes, cheapest rates and full application help

As the banks are putting more emphasis on the local brokers and independent consulting companies, the people tend to appreciate the firms who can give a really helpful, thoughtful and beneficial advice. This is the aim of the independent consultants at IHM.hu: provide a full range analysis and financial portfolio advice to the poeple who would like to invest in the Hungaryian market.

IHM.hu investment consulting services:
- Property and real estate investments

- Stock market opportunities and brokerage

- Investment funds

- Rates and analysis of the financial market

Free investment consulting services in Hungary! Apply here!

Investments, business planning, financial consulting: Call us!

Insurance policies, car, home and health insurances

IHM.hu is a contracted broker of almost all Hungarian insurance companies. This range includes all kind of insurances, such as life, health, dental, car and home insurance.

As IHM.hu acts as an independent online broker, we do not have any interest in serving a specific bank or insurance company. Our only goal is provide you a full and quality service, which includes finding you the cheapest rates available. Use our calculator and get a quote today!

IHM.hu online insurance quotes:
- Health insurance

- Life insurance

- Auto and motor (car) insurance

- Home and property insurance

- Dental and medical insurances


Car, home and health insurance application! Free consultation!

Insurance, auto, motor, health, home insurances. Call us!

Financial consulting: bank loans, mortgage loan, credit cards, investment and insurance in Hungary

Financial consulting: bank loans, mortgage loan, credit cards, investment and insurance in Hungary



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